REVIEW: Rocksbox

Y’all. I must admit, I love this subscription more than any other I have tried before. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service in which you are mailed 3 pieces of jewelry for $21/month that you keep for the month (give or take) and send them back when you are ready for new pieces. You create a wish list of pieces you love and a stylist hand selects three pieces based on your preferences. Brands you may receive include: Kendra Scott, Rudiment, Aster, Perry Street, and many more. Each month you are given your $21 as a credit towards a piece of your choice from your set. If you choose to keep a piece, just send back the others and you will be charged for the remaining balance after your credit is applied!


Now that you know more about how it works, we can get into some of the beautiful pieces I have received through Rocksbox!

My October Set has been my favorite that I have received so far, with a pair of rose gold hoop earrings from Rudiment, drop earrings from Kendra Scott, and a statement necklace from Perry Street. All three of the pieces I received were granted wishes from my wish list. I believe the curators at Rocksbox truly pay attention to your preferences and that over time your sets will continually get better as they know more and more of your preferences and style choices.


I personally love statement pieces as well as more dainty pieces that work well for everyday styling. I feel my stylist is always meeting that preference perfectly in each box I have received, but I believe the more feedback you offer on each set, the better your set will be.


One feature that I absolutely adore is the ability to upload a photo of an outfit or a link to one, and your stylist will match your jewelry pieces to the outfit. This feature is perfect for special events or just an outfit you have been stuck on! I tend to plan my outfits around the jewelry I would like to wear, so I have not yet utilized this feature but I look forward to trying it out.


Do you want to try Rocksbox? You can use my code “KELLYANNESTONEXO” and get your first month for free! Don’t forget to tag me @kellyannestone on Instagram once you get your set, I can’t wait to see what beautiful pieces they select for you! 

Photos By: Francisco Joel Serrano 

*This post is sponsored by Rocksbox, but all thoughts and love for the company are my own*


My Picks from the Nordstrom Fall Sale 2017

The Nordstrom fall sale is here! For those of you who don’t know, Nordstrom has to be one of my all-time favorite retailers. High-end products, killer customer service, and amazing sales several times a year. The fall sale began Nov. 2 and will carry on through the 12th so there is a good amount of time to shop.
I have included several pairs of denim, because who doesn’t need a good pair of jeans? This pair from Topshop is a classic mid-wash and will stay in your closet for a long time. I absolutely love the way Topshop denim fits and am a big fan. You can check out one of my favorite pairs here, in my post on embroidered denim. If you love those, you should check out this pair from the fall sale!

I absolutely love these Nike tennis shoes because I think they go so well from the gym right to class and off for a study date after. They are the perfect pair to top off a sporty chic outfit.
One of my favorite things from these items are the black thigh high boots from Steve Madden. They are perfect for pairing with sweaters, dresses, and everything in between this fall and winter! Stay on the look-out for an upcoming post on 5 ways to style thigh high boots. I think they would look amazing with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a bodysuit.

I also included plenty of classic pieces. I think when looking at higher end stores like Nordstrom, the primary focus should be pieces that you want to last and intend to keep in your closet for years to come. As a college student, the value of the product I am buying is incredibly important. For instance, if I know I will only wear something once or twice, I likely won’t spend more than $15-$20 on the item, unless I know it is a high resale value.

On the other hand, if I know an item will last years in my closet, a classic coach bag, the perfect pair of riding boots, or a cashmere sweater, a higher price tag is easily justified. Generally, I am looking for those kinds of pieces, at an even better price, when it comes to Nordstrom sales.

What is your favorite item from the Nordstrom Fall Sale? Comment below, and don’t forget to tag me in your finds on Instagram @kellyannestone and include #TheEverydayBabe 

3 Ways to Style a Muscle Tank

I found this muscle tank online at Unitiques, a Plato’s closet-esque company where you can browse a multitude of different gently used products. Geared towards college students you can choose to shop with shipping or select the local pickup option. All the products are reasonably priced and you can find anything from Lululemon and Kate Spade to Forever 21 and H&M.


My order arrived quickly and in great condition, with a super cute note from the seller of the item! While a muscle tank may not initially seem like a piece that you can wear all the time, I think it is truly a versatile piece that can fit in many different outfits. Keep reading to learn more on how I styled this graphic muscle tank to fit every occasion.

Ready for the Gym

The clearest, simplest, and coziest way to style a muscle tank is for the gym! Muscle tanks are the perfect way to show off a super cute new sports bra since they typically have oversized cutouts on the side. Not to mention, due to the loose cut of the fabric, a muscle tank is the perfect top to keep you cool for an outdoor workout.


Or, if you are like me, you may just take this cute sporty look to your 8am and call it a day. Regardless of your plans, this look will keep you comfy all day long.

A Casual Day Out and About

For this look I paired my muscle tank with a pair of Vintage High-Rise jeans from American Eagle. I absolutely love their denim and the worn in look of this pair. For me this is the perfect look to go from studying in the library to a date at your favorite coffee shop.


This is perfect for the days you want a put together outfit without really having to try. I think printed muscle tanks with cute sayings are best for this style, but a plain one with a pretty lace detailed bralette would work just as well.

Girls Night Out

This is personally my favorite of the three! First, because going out is always fun, and second, because I am obsessed with these shoes! I absolutely love dressing up t-shirts for going out and other pieces that were not originally intended to fit the look. I chose to pair it with a black bodycon skirt from Topshop to elevate the look for a night out. I added a statement necklace as the finishing touch to polish the outfit for a night out.


Have you checked out Unitiques yet? 

*All Photos are by Jimmy Trieu


Mastering Your Time ft. Jord

As the school year begins, everyone seems focused on time: scheduling, goal setting, and furthering our personal values during this time. Now that it is week 4, those same concepts already begin to slip. Why? What makes it so easy to forget all the plans we had just made? Life happens. A test is coming up. A project deadline is quickly approaching.  The water heater needs to be fixed. You have to go to work. You have to go to class. The days are passing. We settle into our daily requirements and fail to move beyond them.

Untitled Design.png

It is important to recognize that reminders matter when it comes to our personal progress. How do you keep track of your time? How do you stay on track of those goals? How do you focus on the things you value most?  One way I have been staying on top of my time is my watch from Jord. Not only is my watch from Jord a beautiful, detailed piece, individually handcrafted for me, it has a little something special.


My watch has been engraved with a quote special to me, to serve as a reminder of my daily goals. The case back of my watch states, “She believed she could, so she did.” Since a very young age I have struggled with anxiety, and often convince myself of all the things I cannot do. The engraving of my watch serves as a reminder that I can if I work towards my goal. It serves as a reminder of my values of progress and hard work. All in one small piece that I can hold onto for a lifetime.


Having something that serves as a physical reminder of overarching goals has reminded me of the value of my time, and what it can be utilized for. The things I get to do, to push myself towards my weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  These little bits of time, our daily requirements, all amount to the same time that helps us reach our bigger picture, whatever it may be.

Many items we wear hold little meaning past our surface level reasoning of enjoying the color or style of an item. Jord’s wooden watches are already a conversation starter with their original designs and refined aesthetic, but why not give a greater meaning to the things we wear? Add your goals and motivations into your daily life by engraving an item intended to keep you on track.


To help you stay on top of your goals, I have partnered with my friends at Jord to giveaway a $100 giftcard to pick out your own customized timepiece to stay on track. Not to mention, you get $25 off just by entering. To enter, just click here. (Jord features watches for both men and women!)

What are your goals and how do you stay on track to reach them? Comment below!


Luxury Wooden Watch

#Trending: The Culotte Jumpsuit

This summer the Culotte Jumpsuit has been EVERYWHERE. I first noticed the trend while I was visiting my sister in New York City in June. A flowy jumpsuit, with a cropped, flare bottom. It seemed to be the absolute perfect summer piece. Being a mere 5’2 I wrote off my chances of ever rocking one, because let’s face it, most items with lots of fabric simply drown my small frame.


For some reason, the flowing nature of this jumpsuit stayed on my mind and I spent the rest of June searching for the perfect one for my size. Two weeks into July I finally found this one from Francesca’s which I immediately began obsessing over (although to be fair, I have yet to see one I do not adore).


Hey, petite friends, YOU CAN ROCK IT. I have worn mine with both heels and flat sandals and I can tell you it made little difference in how perfect this piece is for summer and the transition into fall. Pair it with wedges and some statement earrings for an afternoon out, or a jacket and your favorite booties when the weather begins to cool down.


This piece will take you from afternoon coffee to a dinner date with ease and not to mention comfort. There is a reason the Culotte Jumpsuit has been everywhere this summer. Not only is it a highly versatile piece it is just so cute and feminine.


What do you think of the Culotte Jumpsuit? Let me know in the comments!

Photos By: Jimmy Trieu

Buy Yourself the Flowers

We have all been there. A few weeks post break-up with our head spinning as to why this whole “moving on” thing seems to be taking so long. I had spent weeks moping, being lazy, and feeling sorry for myself. After a tough break-up, it was time to remember who I was on my own. It was time to let it go.


This summer was a period of growth for me that I hope to expand on even further. It started with a simple question that seemed to constantly be on my mind. “What do I do with myself?” The problem for me was, I had all these plans in my head for what my summer would have been like with someone. I decided to do something different and carried through with all of those crazy plans I had made in my head, alone.


Sometimes, someone else is there to pick you up; but sometimes, you buy yourself the flowers. I packed up (rather spontaneously) and headed back home to Kansas City for some much-needed family time and a lot of alone time. That alone time began with a nine-hour drive listening to all my favorite songs and screaming at the top of my lungs (like everyone does, obviously) while I planned all the steps for a perfect summer, alone.


Those steps included everything from dinner by myself and finding my way around a new city, to planning a five-day beach vacation for me, myself, and I (that I, unfortunately, was unable to take). Along the way, I remembered how much of my time used to be just for me. I realized that dating myself may be the right path to follow.


Hear me out. You do not need someone to go with you to get coffee. To check out that new dinner place you have been dying to try. To have a luxurious day lounging around, or to bring you home flowers. You can do it all for yourself. No, it doesn’t mean you are lonely or have no friends. It means you can appreciate the solitude of your own presence, and you will wait until you find someone who can do the same.


So, buy yourself the flowers. Take yourself to dinner. Enjoy dating yourself for a little bit, whether you are dating someone else or not, a little “me-time” never hurt anyone.

What is your favorite way to indulge in a little “me-time?” Let me know in the comments!



Review: AMI Clubwear

I had the amazing opportunity to work with AMI Clubwear through their fashion blogger program. This company is seriously AWESOME. If you are looking for that outfit that is all over instagram and pinterest, you will find it on their site.


All of the items featured on the site are incredibly trendy and all perfect for the everyday babe budget. Most items on the website range from $15-$30. The website itself can be difficult to navigate, solely because of the sheer quantity of different items they offer.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.20.51 PM

Also, don’t sleep on their instagram page. Not only do they feature some of their favorite items (and soon to be yours), they include the appropriate keyword to make finding that item fast and easy for their customers.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.22.56 PM

The quality is about equivalent to most fast fashion stores (think H&M or Forever21), or better. Overall, I have been very impressed with the quality of the items I received to try. I have worn and washed both the purple bikini and the navy blue crop top multiple times and experienced no fading or shrinking (despite putting both in the dryer).


Also… I GET SO MANY COMPLIMENTS WEARING THEIR CLOTHES. Seriously. If you want everyone asking “where did you get that” this is your store. Plus, who doesn’t love an insta-worthy outfit?? The items themselves are beautiful. The details on the blue lace jumpsuit are very pretty and the fabric is so comfortable, it feels just like a pair of leggings #winning. It is easily one of my favorites I have from their store (although picking a favorite is nearly impossible).


If you decide to check them out, you can use the code “Kelly50” to save 50% off your purchase. Don’t forget to show off your new clothes and tag @Amiclubwear on instagram!


APPAREL PHOTOS BY: Davi Trieu Photography

Floral Fantasy

This Spring/Summer embroidered denim has been making waves. From storefronts like TOPSHOP and ASOS to celebrities such as Bella Hadid, this trend is EVERYWHERE. I have always been a big fan of very feminine items, particularly floral prints, so I was quickly on board. After weeks of searching, I scored the perfect pair at Nordstrom Rack from TOPSHOP! I think my favorite thing about this trend is that it can be incredibly subtle like the pair I have here, or a full blown floral frenzy! This makes the trend more easily adjusted to each person’s individual style. 

First off, I LOVE the fit of these jeans. Mine are the MOTO Jamie Jeans from TOPSHOP, and their petite sizing fit me perfectly! I chose to pair the bottoms with a solid color crop top (from Free People) to keep the focus on the detail of the floral embroidery at the bottom of the jeans. I think the lace adds just enough interest to the top without overpowering the outfit.

I kept it simple with camel colored sandals to keep my look casual. While I chose to keep my look more on the casual end, I think this trend could easily be paired with a girly blouse and heels for a night out!

What do you think of the embroidered jeans trend? Let me know in the comments!